Thursday, September 12, 2013

Oh my god...its been too long

Hai everyone, its been a long long long time since i publish something here...

Its time for me to relive what was left behind...

This blog now have a new mission... The team is now has become a riding team with friends riders and family... The original team is no longer active in racing... New members took over the racing part,i personally n a few other riding for the love of it...

So,this blog will now update n tell all the things that happening around us here up in the island of Penang, Malaysia...

Will publish more later...cant wait to tell u guys about my ride in a place called Gunung Jerai... Mount Jerai.... Anyway search us on facebook... Cheers.

Friday, December 31, 2010


A NEW YEAR, A New Challenge, A New Goal, A New Optimism, A New Aproach, A New Mission, A New Resolution, Wishing you a very "Happy New year" from 2sixdhracing team, penang.

Friday, September 3, 2010

MDHSS #4 Mt Erskine, Penang (The Final Showdown For the Overall Title) featuring Banshee Kiara Rage Results

wassup guys...hye again.sorry for the big are the results for the race...a lot of mishaps n crashes...for penang,Tom Jee and Omar Mashood had a big crash...Omar didnt even get to the qualifying due to hair line fracture of his braking finger.Tom Jee crashed at the rock garden. Others manage to get thru well n safe...wot wot....

The track was a lines and course...rock,roots and shit would be fun for me...but im not i said.wont be racing this year....With Ian Chin bags 1st spot again in the Elite and Zel closely at 3rd...Sam Hooi,riding for other Penang's team is 1st in Master and Yamm in 2nd(looks like Master Yamm at last have a worthy opponent) Wan,finally won again after Bukit Pelindung last year in Men Sport....and a comeback by Adam,2nd in expert after been away in the UK for many years

Theres alot of Penang riders there,all tried their best and pushed the limit...and most didnt work out for them,crashed and burned

Next race would more fun for u guys.MX style...biggest camel humps...yup,HUMPS....2 consecutive big hump...tightest S berm....largest GAPS....and u guys will be calculating your G out force...

Its a different approach this time around bout the track in Penang. Usually Penang is well known for tight lines,rock n roots....but its MX style time....The track is made and maintain by people of Penang Downhillers (anyone from Penang is part of the,any teams : Paul said) well said.

add them in ur facebook...

The topic for me now is, Who will conquer it now? As Northern riders known for their technical riding,Central riders of Malaysia always the one that have the big speed and air. Will riders from the north beat them at this kind of track?

After the Kiara Rage,the Expert title is in Ian's iron grip(440 points),but will Zel (164 points)get the final podium and demote Aaron Chan (165 points)to 6th the point diff is jus by 1point!!!!!

In the men's sport,Wan's 5th overall place is his to loose.

And the la' cre'me category,the Master its fight for the 1st place for CK (320 points) and Sam Hooi (294 points). With Yamm (213 points)will b against Tom Jee (203 points) for the 3rd. BUT,if anything goes wrong for either 4 of them,the table will be so freaking different....

We just have to wait...soon enuff...jus a couple of weeks left.the countdown starts NOW.....

KING OF ERSKINE...the title of MDHSS mostly will be decide here. Come down and watch us...A year of bragging rights.A year of pissing of people(in a friendly manner lah).A year after this,the title will be ON again....

selected results of MDHSS #3 Kiara Rage

MEN Elite
2nd Adam Feroze

MEN Expert
1st Ian Chin
3rd Zel Ashraf

MEN Sport
1st Mohd Redzuan
6th Zul
10th Ah Wei

MEN Master
1st Sam Hooi
2nd Yamm
8th Ping Bah
16th Willen Chang
25th Eddie Hassini
26th CK
31st Tom Jee
50th Mie Tokun

More results here courtesy of our friend Fakawitribe

and pics

Monday, July 19, 2010

MDHSS #3 Kiara Rage Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Season of 22 people chasing ball is over. Now we get back to a pair of legs chasing that time to beat using the illusive lines.... The whole team will be there except for me Kamal. Its a race to watch as Zel is gunning to get more points to be in the top 3 podium in the end of the series. Omar is still trying to break the record of 3 different categories win in 12months and he is going to bring a new speed weaponary..A Session 88..Zul,Mie Tokun,Eddy and Wan will be there too to put a mix of hype and glory chasing... GO GO GO to all...

Apart from us, CCI Team will be there too. As at today, i can confirm that Ian Chin and Tom Jee will be there to get as much points as well to get an iron grip on the final podium also probably the usual suspect for this year CK Ooi, Sam Hooi and Co.....

Till i got the race result,c u guys....and i leave u guys with Omar's new bike...

Frame: TREK Session 88

Fork and Rear Shox: RockShox Boxxer WC 10', Fox DHX rc2

Wheelset: Hadleys, DT Spokes, MTX rims

Drivetrain: 105 Rear Derailleur, KMC Gold Chain, Deore Shifter

Brakes: Shimano Saint, Hope Rotors

Crankset: Race Face Atlas crank, Race Face Xtype Bottom Bracket

Cockpit: Custom Machined Stem, Cromatic Handlebar, ODI Limited Edition Grip, Prologo Saddle

Tyres: Maxxis Minion tubeless F and R, Stans No Tubes internals

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kovarik Blue, Intense 951 Complete Bike For Sale


Price: RM 12,000.00 (nego)
Condition: Used
Item location: Penang, Malaysia

PARTS Highlight:-
Front Suspension: Fox40
Rear Suspension: Fox DHx
Wheels Set: Mavic Deemax
Brakes: Juicy 7
Disk Roto: Hope (large)
Chain Guide: e-Thirteen
Rear Derailleur: XTR
Shifter: LX
Saddle: THE/ Thombson

Reason to sell: Rider is upgrading to supreme DH bike

This offer is suitable for starter in DH
Call only,
Mr. Omar: 0194324340

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MDHSS #2 Bukit Cermin DH

This would be the last time for Bukit Cermin for having a downhill race there.Due to the proposed developement there,its a sad goodbye.I still remenber the 1st time we all went there.What a trip and track.Flowy n fast...Hope there is always a way for BC riders group to have a track there after this.I believes they will say "if there is a will,theres always a way to go down and mad fast"....

Anyway,this time around.Riders from Penang are getting more involved in racing everytime out side of Penang.More teams are blooming and starting to show how good we are in technical riding.We love roots and rocks a lot...Thats how we ride down Penang Hill...Again our team went there.With Omar Team 2sixCCI,Eddy and other new guys under eddy's of them is Syed Mohd Nasri.Scored 3rd in the first race of his.Training in the new improved Tokun Track paid very well and with Eddy guidance,what could go wrong.Eddy trained him from zero to this.Omar who is still vying for a top spot in expert jus managed to got into 7th place and he still hungry for making it 3rd time in 12months having 1st in three different categories.Its a record to beat for him.Zel 2sixCCI cant make it this time,he went for an abdominal surgery.Should be fit for the next race in Kiara.Zul was there.First time this year.Due to tight schedule,he almost cant fit training time but still didnt dissappoint me.Eddy scores 10th in for Tom Jee,Ian Chin and CK Ooi under Team CCI,scores podium.Ian Chin in expert were 1st.CK Ooi was 1st in Master and Tom Jee lying in 5th....congrats to all and thank you to CCI...see you guys in Bukit Kiara this May...this time,ill be there....hahahaha

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mt Austin mdhss #1,Johor Bahru

First of all,the MDHSS has started.A series of racing put together with different venue around Malaysia under jointly organise by different organisers.The overall time will be put into position and earned points.Total point received,will determined who will be the 1st series champion and got the big jackpot...So,be brave,take out those big balls and slam the track...we even would like to thank all the people who have and will put all this together.A big pat on the back...

Too far too drives,we fly...well,that is what happened.Anyway,we made good result at the 1st time racing in 2010.Zel was on podium in expert with 5th placed and just 1second seperated the top 5.But unlucky for Omar,he was shift to expert category .He had won the Bc race in master,then he upgrade himself to open in Penang dh Race and still wins.The organiser now want to see how would he fare in Expert and he finished 9th (he would got podium in Open)...What a short reign at the top.But still Omar took it a challenge.He even say,he would revenge it on the next series in BC race coming this March.Tom Jee and Ian Chin was there too.All runs under CCi flag.

TOP 10, Penang Kia race result:
1:45.464 - Expert - 2nd - Ian Chin (CCI)
1:46.905 - Expert - 5th - Zel Ashraf (2sixCCI)
1:51.425 - Expert - 9th - Omar Mashood (2sixCCI)
1:51.470 - Masters - 2nd - Tom Jee (CCI)
1:51.990 - Masters - 3rd - Ooi C.K (CCI)
1:54.590 - Masters - 4th - Yamm (ROAM)
1:56.493 - Masters - 5th - Sam Hooi (PGDH)
2:01.090 - Masters - 9th - Willen (PGDH)

for full result click ---> here <---
to view points and ranking click ---> here <---

congrats to all and hope to see all again in BC on 7th March 2010 MDHSS series #2 more images in our galery

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A good end for 2009 (Penang Downhill Challenge 2009)

Congrats to Omar,Zel and Eddie...all posted a podium finished in Penang Downhill Challenge in Youth Park...Omar finished 1st in 3:07.684 Open,Zel finished 1st in 3:04.466 for Expert and Eddie settled at 3rd 3:34.462 with in Master....

Zul without much of training,finished 8th 3:44.940 in Master.Kamal with 3:46.845 enough for him in 9th for Open and the only one in the team who didnt do the big drop (its still scares the shit out of me,but if i did the drop.i could finished top 5..hehehehe) even Mie Tokun screamed like mad when he reached the bottom in delight done the drop....i should try it one day....

As for Wan,he didnt race for there is his wedding the next week...all of us went for the wedding reception including Yamm of ROAM...Congratulation Wan!!!!

To wrap the 1st year,i would like to say thank you to all.The team especially and CCI for supporting us.For the rest,thank you for letting us join racing,training,laugh,ride,drinks,party,travel and sharing all the memories together...

See u guys in 2010.....with this,we all thank all....more pic in gallery from us and courtesy from all our riding partners site....tq for sharing
photo by: fakawitribe

Oh ya,TREK 2010 bikes and frames are full in stores in mid January....we welcome all orders and inquiry thru or contact me at +6017-4664348

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Penang #3 Youth Park DH Trail Review

[click image for large view]

A - 10ft vertical drop off
B - Triple drops
C - Rock garden (loose rocks)
D - Step down corner
E - High speed roots section
F - Quick changing direction (rocky)
G - Rough high speed section
H - Roots section
I - Technical staircase section
J - Fast off camber section
K - High speed drop
L - Tarmac and open field (power paddle)

Okey, here some review and tech info from us about Penang #3 DH trail. This hard pack trail is about 1.7km long and 90% natural. Fast, rocky and full of roots is the best description of the course as it descends down to the Youth Park. The descending is just nice to gain some speed. High Roller tyres can smokes this trail easily but if rain, Minion is recommended. There is no mud on the rainy day, so you don’t really need mud tyres, you just pay extra careful on crossing the roots and rocks. The trail is wide and you can choose your own line. We have seen Adam riding on this trail a few years ago with his semi slicks tyres... wuhuhu, isn’t it Adam? Hard tail is also fun to ride it here. The average time on this course from the last race is about 4:00 and the champion timing is 3:12 by Adam.

Usually Penang riders will practice or riding on this trail between 11am to 3pm. Morning?? Oohoho don’t mess up with hikers. Evening ride also can’t. Sadly we need to push up bike all the way to the top. But dont worry, its not as bad as you think, trust me. Once you riding down the trail, all the lactic will be substitute by adrenaline... hahaha. If you are getting bored with biking in your own area come here for the weekend. You also can ride on this trail starting from the Penang Hill. Guys, finally we shall race again on this course. The race is on!!! Confirmed date on 20th December 2009. Please plan properly your holidays and make Penang as your destination for this coming December. Let’s rock the trail guys..!!

writen by: zel 'who sold the world'

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special preview of the new Tokun Track

Last Sunday was the the day the new Tokun Track finishes.A whole new track.Almost 20 riders waa there,including the PGDH and us.All effort n credit is given to Mie Tokun and his team.A big hand for them...A spectator friendly track.Its along a jeep tar track where hikers climb.So,expect big crowd during races.Uplift is provided by the locals.Jus ask the coffee shop and they will hook you up with a motorbike uplift...Hehehe...should be great right.These boys are also the heart n soul of the track behind Mie Tokun effort and not to left Eddie,the official track tester.Try to follow his wheel for once.The track is long.single track.technical n gnarly with big jump n drops.

More 2km down i believed n the track and uplift only available from 11am to 4pm daily.Its legal and supported by the local authority.Theres pic of the track in our galley.Feast your eyes...Penang again came up with a gnarly,natural and wicked line...thank you Mie Tokun,Eddie and the boys.You guys are in our hall of fame...
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Special Article
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